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Download photo or video by one button click. www > 406535
Add the download button and the open button to download or open profile picture and media in the posts, stories, and highlights in Instagram www > navchandar/Instagram_Story_Saver
Click a button to open the IG story video/image in new tab. IG stories can then be viewed/downloaded. www > 404535

IG Helper

Downloading Instagram posts photos and videos or their stories! www > 395497
Removes the nagging login popups and banners from mobile and desktop versions of Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Quora,, VK and from the mobile version of Youtube. www > indream/DownAlbum


Download Facebook (Album & Video), Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,, Weibo Album. www > indream/Download_FB_Album_mod

Download FB Album mod

Download Facebook & Instagram Album by One Click. www > lbreda/Instagram_video_downloader
Adds a download link for instagram videos in the one-image pages www > 403031
Remove login message and popup. Remove cookies warning. Unlock links on the page. www > lbreda/Instagram_image_downloader
Adds a download link for instagram images in the one-image pages

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