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IITC plugin: Sync

Sync data between clients via Google Drive API. Only syncs data from specific plugins (currently: Keys, Bookmarks, Uniques). Sign in via the 'Sync' link. Data is synchronized every 3 minutes. www > 470426
Adds Drive link to YouTube header menu www > 31456
Play Google Drive videos on CyTube www > furyutei/DownloadPDFImagesFromGoogleDrive/src/js/content
Download ZIP format PDF images from Google Drive www > Yavos/Google_Drive_Direct_Links
Adds a little text field to the details tab, showing a direct link to your file. (Will only work if you shared the containing folder for everybody in the internet.) www > 410127
Play Google Drive videos on CyTube www > CuriousMidnight/BMSorter/GDriveVid4Synctubes
Play Google Drive videos on CyTube www > j113203/Google_Drive_Download_Virus_Bypass
skip Google drive virus scan warning about large files www > 10052
Direct link functionality for Google Drive www > 369461
Script to add more width to Google Drive left column

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