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Search results www > 406337
A floating table of content widget www > 429483
Find most active fork of a github repository. www > 411834
download github sub-folder via one click, copy the single file's source code easily www > 5982

GitHub file list beautifier

Adds colors to files by type, displays small images in place of file-type icons in a repository source tree www > 432949

Group by repo on github

When you search code using github, this script can help you group by repo www > 422423
github comment default shows English date without time, this script replace it as GTM8(Beijing time) 24h time www > ciena-it-central/tampermonkey/scripts/central-jira-links

Central JIRA Links

Replace BPCC-X text in Github PRs with links www > derjanb/5592ff3b7cdc4feabba5
Tampermonkey translation support www > 402301


GitHub Clone or download、Releases δΈ‹θ½½εŠ ι€Ÿ www > 429795
allows you to find the most active forks of a repository.

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