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Search results www > 10052
Direct link functionality for Google Drive www > 31456
Play Google Drive videos on CyTube www > 410127
Play Google Drive videos on CyTube www > 380394
Auto download files from Google Drive without preview. www > 382367
Prevent websites from hijaaking and preventing the browser right-click popup menu from appearing. This script should be applied to problematic websites only. Otherwise, the right-click popup menu on e.g. Google Drive won't work. www > 403742
Tampermonkey keeps asking us to select an account when we open the browser. But this script by Jack'lul will do it for us! www > CuriousMidnight/BMSorter/GDriveVid4Synctubes
Play Google Drive videos on CyTube www > 22702
Play Google Drive videos on Synchtube www > 27644
the following script adds an Icon so you can read different newspaper provided by star7arab online using google drive pdf reader without downloading them www > 369461
Script to add more width to Google Drive left column

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